Pay Negotiation
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1 July 2013 - PayNegotiation 3.0 live

We are delighted to release today the version 3.0 of We hope you like the changes and upgrades:

  • 11 brilliant new videos from Professor Ingemar Dierickx covering issues like acceptance deadlines, steeling yourself to make a counter-offer, and what to do if you can't think of what to say

  • High-definition video as standard across the site

  • New video controls to allow users to opt for low-bandwidth video on smartphones or slow connections

  • Upgraded streaming capability to guarantee fast playback from any location

  • IOS compatibility so you can enjoy the course on your iPhone and iPad

  • Improved navigation and a new user dashboard to help users absorb the course quickly

More details about the changes are in this presentation:

We would be delighted to know what you think!  Please share any feedback using the feedback tab on the left of the screen, of by filling in our member feedback survey.