Pay Negotiation
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More than 30 leading business schools and universities offer the course to their students.

Benefits for careers services and students include:

  1. Round-the-clock access to world-class negotiation tuition (esp useful for night-before preparation)

  2. Online coaching as first solution reduces burdens on careers advisers

  3. Win-win model promotes realistic and non-confrontational negotiation (which keeps recruiters happy)

  4. Improved negotiation increases likelihood and value of job offers and acceptances

  5. Improved student satisfaction with both negotiation process and offer acceptance

  6. Positive effect on short- and long- terms salaries with positive ranking effect.

Trial access

If you would like to try out the course on your students we are happy to arrange trial 90-day access for an unlimited number of students.

We can create a registration page for your students in 24 hours. To request a trial please email Neil Courtis (